Kansas Motorcycle Laws

On the Road

  • A current "M" motorcycle endorsement required
  • Safety Helmet Required by law under age 18
  • State Funded Rider Ed Available for all eligible applicants, may waive skills test for successful completion of rider education
  • Eye Protection Required by law unless equipped with windscreen
  • Daytime Use of Headlight Required by law-required for vehicles manufactured during or after 1978
  • Passenger Seat Required if carrying a passenger
  • Passenger Footrest Required if carrying a passenger
  • Passenger Age Restriction None
  • Helmet Speakers No Restrictions
  • Periodic Safety Inspection Required by law - random
  • Mirror Left(L) Right(R) Required by law
  • Radar Detector No Restriction
  • Turn Signals Required (after 1973 model year)
  • Muffler No acoustical criteria
  • Maximum Sound Level No acoustical criteria
  • State Insurance Requirements Compulsory Liability (Minimum Limits)(25/50/10)

Off-Road Riding

  • Safety Helmet Not Required
  • Eye Protection Not Required
  • Minimum Operator Age No Restriction
  • Rider Education Certification Not Required
  • Operator License Not Required
  • Headlight Required after sunset
  • Taillight Required after sunset
  • Muffler Not Required
  • Maximum Sound Level No Limit
  • Spark Arrestor Not Required
  • Registration Not Required
  • Vehicle Title Required by law
  • Trails Program Not Available


The Kansas State Legislative Website contains the full text of all State statutes. A keyword search of them for the keyword "MOTORCYCLE" will result in a number of statutes referenced in all areas of Kansas law for the year chosen.